Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Patou is Seeking to Find Milady's Perfect Perfumes

Mount Carmel Item, 19 Nov 1924, Wed, Page 2:

"The woman who uses perfume subtly and with restraint, who has found the one odor that blends perfectly with her skin and her particular bodily chemistry, has the most potent weapon of the charmer. She has matched with nature an won."

So says Monsieur Jean Patou, the celebrated French designer, who has maintained a research department for two years in Paris which does nothing but experiment with perfumes.

He is trying to find the perfect perfume that will form the last finishing touch to his perfect sartorial creations.

But he admits candidly that he hasn't found it. And further, he says not one woman in a thousand knows how to use perfume.

Among those who do not know how to use perfume is the woman who reserves a bottle of scent on a handkerchief, and the one who aims an atomizer at herself after completely gowned and calls herself perfumed.

"Perfume," he explains, "reacts differently on different skins. The odor that is right for indoors may lose its potency in the air. Perfume fascinating for the blond may put the brunette quite out of the running."

And where should you use perfume - why behind your ears or ever so slightly on the hair!

He suggests women try all odors until they find the one that is just right.

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